Star Gazing … mistaken for more!

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Lockdown Hobbies …

This ‘lockdown’ thing has led to many of us rekindling old hobbies or looking for new; I decided I’d like to learn a little more about the night sky so invested in a couple of books.

We have some great clear sky nights up here on the North Coast of Northern Ireland; far less light pollution than most of the UK so the stars are bright and plentiful.

So, I took my books, a warm hat and gloves, and binoculars and drove up to a local beauty spot at around midnight, on a particularly clear night … I wasn’t the only person who’d decided to drive up there at that time of night.

I didn’t understand why I was getting a few strange looks!

And funnily enough, it turned out, the lights from Magilligan below threw up enough pollution to mean that our own backyard was a better viewing point for what I was after! 🙂