Roe Valley Park 2 …..

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Roe Valley Park – part 2

Having just been here on Sunday we had to return for breakfast in the café and walk ‘down’ the river, this time turning left from the café.

Breakfast was most recommendable, the four breakfast baps we had were ‘just the job’ and I’m sure we’ll be back for another in the Summer, most likely on a bike run (roll on the dry roads) 🙂

The walk up this end of the river is a little tougher (a few ups and downs, not too much) but possibly a little more scenic. I think if I were recommending to guests and they only had time for one, I’d say this way down the river just has it over ‘up’ the river.

Hope I’ve described that correctly; I’ve called ‘up the river’ as towards the source and ‘down the river’, towards the sea. Let me know if I’ve got that wrong 🙂

On the day we were there, the footpath on one side of the river was closed. I understand there were those who ignored the signs and walked along it anyway 😉 ( not coming to any harm nor meeting with any hinderance). Let’s hope the Rangers aren’t reading this 😉