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American Invasion …..

July 2019 – The 148th Open Golf Championships were held just down the road from Hegarty’s Corner, at Royal Portrush GC, Portrush.

A fantastic event that drew huge crowds to Northern Ireland and it’s beautiful Causeway Coast. Spectacular images of the area and it’s attractions were beamed into homes world-wide, to an audience counted in millions.

Did Hegarty’s Corner benefit? You bet ya! We had a fabulous American family stay with us and our neighbours. Incredibly polite, friendly and great craic, The McCahans of Colorado.

I know it’s a corny saying but it applies ….. they arrived as guests and left as friends.

John & Janette; Cheryl, Faith & Josiah; Paul & Deb; Steve; Johanna & Kenyon; John-Michael & Britney, we hope this wasn’t your last or only trip to this small part of the world. We enjoyed your company greatly.

The photos accompanying this post were taken of the family just returning from their boat trip to see the Slieve League sea cliffs, reputedly the highest sea cliffs in Europe, to be found 2-3hours from Hegarty’s Corner, over on the west coast of Donegal.

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  1. The saying isn’t corny at all because we all felt exactly the same way. Phil and Nova and Oliver and Heather were absolutely the best hosts we have ever had. They welcomed us into their homes as if we were family to start with and then made absolute certain that we saw and experienced everything we possibly could in the time we had with them. If the weather changed or plans changed they adapted and helped rearrange whatever needed to be. We saw way more than we possibly could have if we had been planning it out on our own.

    We, too, hope that it was not our last time to that part of the world.

    Thanks for everything.

    Until next time….

    The McCahans

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