Fairy Glen …..

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Donegal drive …..

We took opportunity of the blue skies and went for a drive around northern Donegal.

First stop Moville Pottery, on to Doagh Famine Village then having worked up an appetite we ventured to sample World Championship winning chowder at Nancy’s Barn, Ballyliffin. Worth the trip just for this 🙂

Next, out of the car for a walk to the Glenevin Waterfall.

On the walk up to the waterfall you will pass a number of fairy homes, their doorways clearly visible in the glen river banks. Be sure to doff your cap and say ‘good morning’ to each and every one, save offence or bad luck! 😉

Check the photos of the waterfall carefully, there’s a fairy there waving to the camera 🙂

From the waterfall off we went over Mamore Gap meeting a group of S2000 enthusiasts (the petrol heads will know) at the view point.

Any trip you may take up to our neck of the woods, it’s worth allowing a day to trip over into Donegal.