European Motorcycle Trip …..

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Pontarlier or Bust!

June 2019 and our annual motorcycle trip around Europe turned out a little different this year 🙂

A slow speed spill brought about fractures to ankle, wrist and ribs for Nova; 4/5 days stay in Pontarlier Hospital ICU, France for me; an extra 3-4 days stay in a hotel in Pontarlier and Jeff coming from England to pick us up and take us home or at least to Cairnryan in Scotland where we caught the ferry and Oliver collected us to get home 🙂

The snaps include views from hospital bed, the hotel and on our way home!

It didn’t finish there either, a couple of days after arriving home I spent another few days in the ICU, this time in the Causeway Hospital, Coleraine.

Ps. A big thankyou to all staff at both Pontarlier and Causeway ICU’s.