Errigal Glen …..

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The Chieftain’s Inauguration …..

We were allowed to travel for exercise so went in search of the Gortnamoyagh Stone.

History has it that this stone promontory in the Forest of Gortnamoyagh was the inauguration and crowning stone for local chieftains back in the early 1500’s.

The stone has well worn indentations for the chieftains to place their feet and the heal of their spear as they underwent the ceremony.

It was a varied and attractive walk firstly up through the Errigal Glen with its spectacular array of beech trees along the steep sides of the river banks. Then along the country lane past the ruins of 7thC Errigal Church and the Iron Age Souterrain (Google it, I had to! 🙂 ). From there, past the Fairy Tree, don’t forget to say ‘hello’, in to Gortnamoyagh Forest and the inauguration stone. The vast majority of the forest is pine but good to see smaller woods of broadleafs have been planted.